Sunday, July 21, 2013



It's Comicon time! And none of us are there. Jon and Jimmy the Muscle reminisce on previous trips to San Diego and Steven build his expectations. We also cover news from the con and spend some time discussing Pacific Rim. We're topical!

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  1. Great job as always! The fact that Jimmy is not an inescapable global media presence is just one more evidence of the failure of American culture.

    Now that C2E2 and San Diego are under your belts, I would like to hear Jon, Steven, Jimmy and Geek Girl have a conversation about cons in general from the ginormous corporate cons like San Diego to regional cons like Capricon to the one-day local microcons like MightyCon. Maybe also talk about the differences in the con experience from the 70s through now and the different types of cons from general geekdom cons to more targeted cons like Chicago TARDIS or anime cons. Bonus points for skyping in someone (coughLancecough) who can talk about how to grow a con from one level to the next like MightyCon is trying to do. Make it so!